Carl Gottmann B.V.

Packaging Machine

Speed & Accuracy , Versatility & Gentle handling

We bought the Curo 12 from BBC Technologies in New Zealand, an industry leader in global food sorting solutions. The machine is able to pack up to 1200kgs an hour from a 125Gr up to 1,25Kg including buckets. By another number, the machine can pack with the speed of 160 clamhshells per minute.

We have upgraded the Curo 12 with 2 sizers, so we can offer to pack berries in 10-14mm, 14-18mm and 18mm+

This way we can serve the various size demands for both suppliers and clients.

The Curo 12 is versatile and can easily switch between the various packing types. The Curo 12 is gentle on the berries – with a significantly reduced drop from the conveyor belt to the hopper ensuring the berries are not damaged during sorting and packing.

Next to the BBC, we will attach the Top Sealer from The Packhuys in order to fulfill the ongoing development in minimizing plastic. We will surely pack in clamshell aswell and choose to only use the material from Infia, whom are totally committed to reduce the environmental impact with their 100% recycled plastic ( R-PET ).